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has a scientific training

Dr. Xavier Rozanska

Catalysis and Chemistry Market Lead


p>Prior to joining Materials Design® 5 years ago, Xavier Rozanska was a research scientist in different countries and places. He worked for 4 years in the Netherlands after obtaining a master’s diploma in computer science and theoretical chemistry. He obtained a PhD in chemistry under the supervision of Rutger van Santen at the Technical University of Eindhoven. He won the ASML award in applied research for his PhD thesis work on the ab initio analysis of the elementary mechanisms of reactions catalyzed by zeolite.

Dr. Volker Eyert

Senior Scientist

Dr. Philippe Ungerer

Scientific Director

Dr. Marianna Yiannourakou

Research Scientist

Dr. Stephen J. Mumby

Vice President of Global Sales

Dr. Erich Wimmer

Chief Scientific Officer and Chairman of the Board

Dr. David Rigby

Senior Scientist

Dr. Walter Wolf

Senior Scientist

Dr. Benoit Leblanc

Senior Software Engineer