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2011 Users Group Meeting Boston

Join us this year for a taste of New England in historic Boston at the Fairmont Copley Plaza for our annual MedeA Users Group Meeting.

We'll kick off with hands-on training all day on November 2nd for any customers who would like to participate, and hold a reception in the evening. The technical presentations and discussion sessions will be held on November 3rd and 4th with a banquet on November 3rd.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011: MedeA® workshop

8:00 - 11:45 MedeA® hands-on training (in two groups)

11:45 lunch

12:45 - 17:00 MedeA® hands-on training (in two groups)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

8:00 Erich Wimmer, Materials Design
Opening Remarks

8:15 Dr. Steve Plimpton, Sandia National Laboratories,
Molecular Dynamics Modeling via LAMMPS: Capabilities and Future Plans

9:00 Clive Freeman, Materials Design,
Embedded Atom Method Simulations using MedeA® and LAMMPS

9:30 Prof. Srini Srivilliputhur, University of North Texas,
Simulation of Dislocations Using Embedded Atom Potentials.

10:00 break

10:30 Dr. James Vollmer, TerraPower,
Using MedeA/VASP to Better Understand Fuel-Clad Chemical Interaction.

11:00 Dr. Amra Peles, United Technologies Research Center,
Tuning the Oxygen Reduction Activity with Size and Shape Controlled Nano Particles

11:30 Dr. Julie Tucker, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory,
Role of alloying elements in Fe-Cr Phase Separation.

12:00 lunch

13:30 Dr. D. Brooke Hatfield, Raytheon Missile Systems,
New perspectives on tin whiskers based on atomistic modeling.

14:00 Dr. Jimmy Eason, Baker Hughes,
Isotropic Limits of Cemented Carbide: Isotropy from Anisotropy

14:30 Dr. Yaron Amouyal, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,
Density Functional Theory with Atom-Probe Tomography for Studying Atomistic-Level Phenomena in Solids.

15:00 break

15:30 Prof. Georg Kresse of University of Vienna
will give us his insight into the latest developments of VASP.

16:40 Erich Wimmer,Materials Design,
Wrap-up of the First Day

18:00 Reception and Banquet at Boston Science Museum.

Private planetarium show & Banquet

Friday, November 4, 2011,

Chaired by Paul Saxe

8:00 Clive Freeman, Materials Design®, MedeA Development Overview

8:45 Erich Wimmer, Materials Design®, Development in Solids Simulation

9:30 Philippe Ungerer, Materials Design®, Developments in Fluids Simulation

10:15 break

10:45 David Rigby, Clive Freeman, Materials Design®, Developments in Polymer Simulation

11:15 General Discussion of MedeA Enhancements.

Comments from previous attendees

“I always make time to attend the Materials Design® software users group meeting. Seeing how other people use the software inspires me to use MedeA® in ways I'd not previously considered. Even after four years of using MedeA®, I find the workshop to be engaging. There are always new capabilities to learn - and it is gratifying to see the implementation of features resulting from my requests made during the previous meeting.”
Dr. D. Brooke Hatfield, Raytheon Missile Systems

"Interactions with Materials Design® are rewarding because of their expertise and insight. But being a part of their meetings is worthwhile most of all because of their professionalism.”
Dr. Micah Hackett, TerraPower

"We have used the Materials Design® software tools for almost 10 years to increase the utility and applications of our computational materials research."
Dr. Susanne M. Opalka, United Technologies Research Center

Yes, now I'm interested!

Please use the attached Information Sheet to facilitate detailed planning respecting your (and your spouse's) dietary needs for reception and banquet, room size for workshops, parking spots.

Let us know about time constraints, dietary restrictions, topics for the training workshop or anything else Steve should know.

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