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GoVASP merges with MedeA®

GoVASP, The Graphical User Interface and Computational Environment for VASP, has been integrated into MedeA®. Materials Design®, as the developer and vendor of MedeA® and GoVASP, announces that the development and distribution of GoVASP have been discontinued.

Advantages of using MedeA®

A full-featured software suite for the atomistic simulation of materials, MedeA® integrates with the leading ab initio, forcefield, and semi-empirical programs VASP, Gibbs, LAMMPS, and MOPAC. In addition, MedeA® also includes the most comprehensive databases of experimental structures of a vast range of inorganic materials, and provides building, analysis, and intelligent computational control capabilities. GoVASP provided an interface to VASP exclusively for academics running under Linux. Now that MedeA® runs natively under Linux as well as Windows, it is most beneficial to the GoVASP community to merge GoVASP into MedeA®.

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The power of integration

Merging GoVASP with MedeA® allows our customers to benefit from the latest developments of VASP5, and it provides the option for integration with other computational methods accessible through MedeA® such as Gibbs, LAMMPS, and MOPAC, as well as the many other powerful modules in MedeA® such as Phonon. MedeA® is available for commercial, as well as not-for-profit, and academic institutions.

Key benefits of MedeA® vs. GoVASP:

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Ongoing GoVASP support

GoVASP technical support will continue on the GoVASP forum until June 30, 2012.

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