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Did you miss the Computational Polymer Science: Atomistic Modeling Tools and Materials Applications webinar? You still have access to the webinar recording. Click below to view the recording.

Sales Executive, Eastern USA

The Opportunity

Computational materials science is a critical adjunct to experiment, clarifying behavior and facilitating efficient discovery. Materials Design, Inc. develops and sells software to simulate materials at the atomistic-level, and is proud to provide first-class scientific support to our customers who are applying these capabilities. This is an opportunity to join a people-oriented company, contribute to our continued growth, and benefit from the associated rewards.

MRS Boston 2016

Philippe Ungerer will be attending the Mod Mol Workshop organized by DECHEMA, Frankfurt, March 9-10 , 2017.  Philippe's talk is entitled 'Prediction of Properties in Metastable Conditions.' It would be our pleasure to see you in Frankfurt!



Join us for the free webinar Atomic-Scale Modeling with MedeA® entitled Computational Metallurgy: Grain Boundaries, Diffusion, and Surface Reactivity. Atomic-scale simulations provide unique insight and property data, which are critical for understanding and solving metallurgical problems.

To this end, the MedeA® software environmentis built on leading computational approaches including VASP and LAMMPS, which are fully integrated together with comprehensive structural databases and a range of tools for constructing and analyzing atomistic models. An important feature is the ability to perform such calculations in high-throughput mode.

Join us for the Atomic-Scale Modeling With MedeA®: A Path To Innovation In Batteries Webinar. This will be the next session of our new webinar series.

Atomic-scale modeling empowers researchers and engineers, enabling the efficient computational screening and design of materials, and an understanding of experimental observations at the unprecedented level of detail. In this webinar, you will learn how the integration of atomistic modeling, using the MedeA® software environment, in conjunction with experimental work, enables the design of low-strain electrodes. Further discussion showcases applications related to Lithium-metal batteries, in addition to focusing on the phase stability and structural degradation of electrode materials and possible pathways to resolving such issues. Lastly, learn how to computationally screen a vast range of candidate materials.

MRS Boston 2016

Volker Eyert was invited to give a talk by Professor Christina Roth, at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Free University Berlin on Novermber 22. Volker's talk is entitled 'Atomistic Simulations of Electronic Materials – A View from Industrial Applications.' It would be our pleasure to see you in Berlin!

A European Network to Coordinate the Integration of Materials Modeling Activities in   Europe and Support Industrial Uptake

Modelling is regarded as one of the key pillars underpinning the development of new materials and products that respond to societal needs and challenges and ensure competitiveness of European industry in the 21st century. In order to integrate and coordinate their activities, a wide range of European stakeholders including manufacturing industry, software owners and academic modellers formed the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) in 2014 as a bottom-up activity.

MRS Boston 2016

MRS Boston 2016

After a brave battle against cancer Phil Mages passed away in the early morning of Thursday October 13, 2016.

Phil was a respected colleague and wonderful human being.  He was held in high regard by all of his colleagues at Materials Design, Inc.  Phil was the Sales Manager for Academic Accounts in the US.  He was well-liked by his customers because he was knowledgeable and treated everyone with so much respect.

News & Views

Did you miss the webinar? Click to watch the webinar recording.

Sales Executive, Eastern USA - Materials Design, Inc. is leading the way in developing software to simulate materials at the atomistic-level, and proud to provide top-notch scientific support to our customers who are applying these capabilities.

organized by DECHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany, March 9-10, 2017

Dr. Erich Wimmer, Chief Scientific Officer of Materials Design®, will be hosting the next session of our new webinar series.

Materials Design® is proud to be a partner of the European Materials Modelling Council Coordination and Support Action