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Join us for the 2017 MedeA® User's Group Meeting in Strasbourg, France!


Come and join the Materials Design team at our 2017 MedeA® Users' Group Meeting in Strasbourg, France. This is an excellent opportunity to experience MedeA® from the nucleus and exchange in discussions with our cutting-edge developers and distinguished scientists. Don't have MedeA® yet? Already a MedeA® expert? We offer a stimulating and enriching environment for MedeA® enthusiasts, both novice and expert alike, wishing to delve further into the marvels of MedeA®. We invite you to join us on September 19th-21st. 





image_280x280Attend Hands-on Training

Our hands-on training, offered by the MedeA® experts on our support team, provides an excellent learning opportunity for both beginners and experts alike. Carefully curated examples show the wide range of MedeA's functionality, from simple tasks to the high-throughput capabilities that can significantly enhance your productivity.





Network with Peers

Each year the MedeA Users' Group Meeting includes a complimentary cocktail reception and banquet dinner. These events are a great chance to meet up with colleagues, find out what others in your field are working on and enjoy lively and thought-provoking discussions.



image_280x280Present Your Cutting-Edge Work

The heart of the MedeA Users' Group Meeting are the talks presented on a broad range of topics from those eminent in their fields. We are always excited to see how our software users push the boundaries of computational materials science - Trust us, they do!





Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile 
4 place Saint Pierre le Jeune 
67000 Strasbourg 
Tel +33 (0)3 88 15 49 00

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checkFree Early Registration!

Registration is FREE! prior to August 18th, 2017! 
After August 19th the registration rate is €190 and €90 for academics. 

plusNegotiated Room Rate

We have secured a negotiated rate of €190/night for attendees.






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