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Materials Design S.A.R.L. and The Interdisciplinary Center For Mathematical And Computational Modeling (ICM) At The University Of Warsaw are delighted to invite you for a joint workshop.

November 5, 2015 - ICM, Warsaw University

Warsaw, Poland

The workshop will let you experience the latest developments in computational materials engineering, including practical examples of how these methods help solve industrial and academic research needs.

Next week will be busy for us - but gives you a chance to meet our team on both continents. So in addition to our earlier invitation to Semicon Europa, we invite you to visit our booth #411 at Materials Science & Technology 2015 event in Columbus, Ohio, October 4-8. You will have the chance to speak directly with Paul Saxe, CEO and Founder, and experience the capabilities of MedeA® at first hand.

When we started Materials Design, Inc. in 1998 our dream and goal was to make MedeA® the most comprehensive modeling platform for atomistic simulations. With our latest release, which we have just announced, we have reached that goal.

Visit us at this leading trade show for semiconductor industry in Europe – we will be at the booth 1004, right next to TechArena 1 where many conference events take place.

For free entrance to the exhibit, please register using our promotional code MedeA.

We will be pleased to speak with you also at our company presentation on Wed, Oct 7, at 15:30-15:45, in TechLounge.

What’s New in MedeA Version 2.18?

MedeA 2.18 provides a range of enhancements and new capabilities in MedeA® environment.

We would love to see you in Heidelberg, Germany for the 2015 MedeA Users' Group Meeting. The meeting provides an excellent opportunity to network with MedeA® users and share your work. Further, unparalleled access to our developers and the opportunity to provide direct feedback based on your experiences allows you to influence the future of MedeA®.

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In 1959, in a world of decidedly macroscopic electronic devices, the physicist Richard Feynman famously announced that there was 'plenty of room at the bottom'.

More than half a century later, semiconductor manufacturers are increasingly confronting the physical realities of the nanoscale.

We are used to the macroscopic behavior of materials.

Hear from Paul Saxe, CEO of Materials Design®, how we understand ICME and turn it into reality,
based on a longstanding customer relationship with some of the major players in the field.

Materials Design® is proud to be silver sponsor and will answer your questions at our booth.
But don't take our word for it, talk to our customers attending this meeting as invited speakers.

Monday, May 11, 2015: 4:00 PM

Room 201B (Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center)
Dr. Clive Freeman , Materials Design, Inc., Angel Fire, NM
Dr. Erich Wimmer , Materials Design, SARL, Montrouge, France
Dr. Paul Saxe , Materials Design, Inc., Angel Fire, NM

Meet us on May 12th at Symposium N at EMRS2015 Spring meeting in Strasbourg and talk to us.

We report on recent investigations of the electronic properties of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface using density functional theory as implemented in MedeA-VASP. In contrast to previous studies, which relied on semilocal functionals or the GGA+U method, we use a hybrid functional to determine the electronic structure.

News & Views

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