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International Symposium on Recent Electronic-Structure Theories and Related Experiments

Join us at the International Symposium on Recent Electronic-Structure Theories and Related Experiments, held June 12-15, 2013 at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany.

Volker will be presenting a poster titled: "VO2 and Friends: A Novel View from Band Theory" that describes his recent, groundbreaking work on the application of hybrid functionals as implemented in MedeA-VASP to VO2, which is since long regarded as one of the cornerstone materials in correlated-electron physics (see also: Accurate Band Gaps of Correlated Transition-Metal Oxides from MedeA-VASP with Hybrid-Functionals and VO2: A Novel View from Band Theory).

These new results close an important gap in the understanding of the early rutil-related transition-metal dioxides, as they allow for a comprehensive picture of the structural and electronic peculiarities of this exciting class of materials.

For more information regarding the Symposium, please visit the conference website.

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2013 Jun 5 - 10 - 2013 Jun 15 - 07

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