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MedeA® 2.14 Released

Materials Design, Inc. announces the release of MedeA® 2.14, the leading environment for atomistic materials simulation for the Windows and Linux environments.

MedeA 2.14 provides a broad range of enhancements. MedeA®-VASP now offers prediction of NMR chemical shifts, MedeA-Phonon provides spectral IR and Raman simulation, and P3C (Polymer Property Prediction using Correlations) allows for the rapid estimation of polymer properties.

Additional enhancements target the efficient exploitation of computational resources through the distribution of calculations with flexible asynchronous MedeA®-Flowchart stages, enhanced display modes, and the construction of realistic atomistic thermoset models.

The MedeA® environment is designed for productivity, says Paul Saxe, Materials Design, Inc. CEO. The availability of computational resources continues to increase and Materials Design, Inc. is providing the tools to enable researchers to undertake efficient materials R&D using computational resources.

With customers in the automotive, chemical, petrochemical, and electronics industries, Materials Design, Inc. enables researchers and engineers to work efficiently by combining multiple simulation codes and methods with time-saving builders and tools in the MedeA® software environment. MedeA® allows researchers and engineers to focus on science.

For further information visit or contact Stephen Saxe, Director of Marketing, at +1.760.495.4924, extension 227, or at

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