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Philippe Ungerer joins Materials Design as Scientific Director

Philippe Ungerer joins Materials Design as Scientific Director

Santa Fe, NM, USA – November 2, 2010

Philippe Ungerer comes to Materials Design® from IFP Energies nouvelles (IFP New Energy), a public R&D and training organization in France that focuses on applied research and development in the field of oil and gas exploration and production, hydrocarbon processing, powertrain engineering, and new energy technologies such as CO2 storage and biofuels. For the last four years, he was Scientific Director of IFP Energies nouvelles, where he was in charge of exploratory research.

“Philippe is recognized as a leading scientist in several fields of simulation: development of multidimensional models of oil and gas generation in sedimentary basins, thermodynamics of complex fluid mixtures, and molecular modeling of fluid properties,” said Erich Wimmer, CEO of Materials Design®. “We are honored to welcome a colleague of his stature on board.”
He was a recipient of the 2004 Award of the AIChE for the 2nd Fluid Simulation challenge where he illustrated the use of the Gibbs software and the AUA forcefield, a method that was developed in a joint effort with several academic laboratories, and is now available in Materials Design’s MedeA® software.

Philippe is author or co-author of more than 80 scientific articles in major journals or congress proceedings. He is also the leading author of a textbook "Applications of molecular modeling in the oil and gas industry - Monte Carlo methods" (Technip editions, 2005) coauthored with Anne Boutin (CNRS) and Bernard Tavitian.

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