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Webinar: classical (forcefield) methods for chemistry and catalysis

As announced, we will continue the series of webinars, focusing on the applications of classical (forcefield) methods for modeling materials on atomic scale.

Based on the survey of the participants of the first webinar, our next session will be dedicated to the use of these methods in CHEMISTRY and CATALYSIS. We will provide an overview of how integrated approach to modeling helps you study the full catalytic cycle and understand chemical process for solid, fluid and multiphase systems.

Whether you are a forcefields expert looking to accelerate your work, or an accomplished ab initio modeler needing to extend the length and time scales, or a practitioner looking to optimize the experimental work on large and complex systems – you will be able to gain new insights from Materials Design® expert speakers.

The identical sessions will run on Oct 12, 14 and 20, 2016.

For registration and further details, please follow the link: 

The series will continue with more applications webinars, as well as a series on parametrizing forcefields. 

Missed the first overview webinar?

 You can access the replay by registering here

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2016 Sep 20 - 11 - 2016 Oct 22 - 11

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