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Webinar: An Introduction to the MedeA® User Interface

Presented by Clive Freeman, Ph.D.

Attend this free webinar to:

  • Learn how to construct, simulate, and analyze a range of systems in MedeA
  • See how MedeA® materials databases can be employed in screening materials properties
  • Interact with scientists who develop the MedeA® environment

A number of illustrations will be included in the webinar, including the calculation of the properties of molecular and inorganic systems, and the screening of structural databases.

MedeA® is the leading software environment for atomistic materials modeling and is used by thousands of customers at more than 500 institutions worldwide. Scientists and engineers in industry and research institutions rely on MedeA® to compute a wide range of properties to understand phenomena such as molecular crystal stability and metal hydride formation. MedeA® helps users to create better products while saving valuable research and development time and cost.


MedeA® integrates world-leading structural databases (totaling over 980,000 entries), electronic structure programs (VASP, Gaussian, MOPAC), molecular dynamics (LAMMPS) and Monte Carlo methods (GIBBS) with a host of powerful building, editing, and analysis tools in a unified environment allowing the creation of efficient workflows. Its innovative high-throughput (HT) capabilities enable the full exploitation of computational resources.

  • Tue, February 27th: 10 am PDT / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST /1 pm EST USA / 7 pm Europe (CET)
  • Wed, February 28th: 7 am Pacific / 4 pm Europe (CET)
  • Thu, March 1st: 8 am Europe (CET) / 11:30 am India (IST) / 2 pm China (CST) / 3 pm Japan (JST)


Clive M. Freeman, Ph.D.

Clive has been with Materials Design® for about 10 years and has experience in scientific software development, chemical research, and management. Clive has authored over 50 scientific articles and publications examining a broad range of molecular, materials, sensor, catalyst, and sorption applications.

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2018 Feb 18 - 08 - 2018 Mar 29 - 08

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