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Our History

Materials Design® was founded in 1998 by a group of leading scientists who seized the opportunity to build a business integrating computational materials science with experimental structural databases. Our founders saw the opportunity to take computational methods developed in academia and use the power of the PC revolution to solve real world engineering problems for the benefit of industry and science. We are one of only a handful of companies engaged in Computational Materials Science (CMS). By connecting science and engineering, we harness the power of critical data and predictive simulations, improving existing materials and discovering new ones to drive global competitiveness.

A Delaware, U.S.A. company headquartered in Angel Fire, New Mexico, Materials Design® has a wholly-owned French partner headquartered in Montrouge, France. We offer a suite of predictive software tools and the training necessary for companies to realize its potential. We also provide custom contract research and development if you do not have in-house R&D capabilities or if you need specific solutions.

Materials Design® is a closely held private corporation that has grown steadily during the past ten years. We partner with both academic and industrial partners around the world to bring better materials to the world for better living. From energy and transportation to chemistry and microelectronics, we work with industrial customers across a wide range of industries.

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