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Generated Forcefields

EAM forcefields for Zr and Zr-H system

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M. Christensen, W. Wolf, C. Freeman, E. Wimmer, R.B. Adamson, L. Hallstadius, P.E. Cantonwine, and E.V. Mader
"Diffusion of point defects, nucleation of dislocation loops, and effect of hydrogen in hcp-Zr: Ab initio and classical simulations"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 460, 82 (2015)

M Christensen, W Wolf, CM Freeman, E Wimmer, RB Adamson, L Hallstadius, PE Cantonwine, et al. “Effect of Alloying Elements on the Properties of Zr and the Zr–H System.” Journal of Nuclear Materials 445, no. 1: 241–250. (2014)

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