Users Group Meeting 2011


MedeA Training Workshop Handouts

Maria Entrialgo-Castaño Hannes Schweiger, René Windiks, Marianna Yiannourakou - Materials Design

Molecular Dynamics Modeling via LAMMPS: Capabilities and Future Plans

Steve Plimpton - Sandia National Laboratories

Embedded Atom Method Simulations using MedeA® and LAMMPS

Clive Freeman - Materials Design

Material Behavior at Extremes: Spallation of Cu-Nb Nanoscale Layered Composites using LAMMPS

Srinivasan Srivilliputhur - UNT Denton

Using MedeA/VASP to Better Understand Fuel-Clad Chemical Interaction.

James Vollmer - TerraPower

Tuning the Oxygen Reduction Activity with Size and Shape Controlled Nano Particles

Amra Peles - United Technologies Research Center

Role of alloying elements in Fe-Cr Phase Separation

Julie Tucker - Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

New Perspectives on Tin Whiskers based on Atomistic Modeling

D Brooke Hatfield - Raytheon Missile Systems

Isotropic Limits of Cemented Carbide: Isotropy from Anisotropy

Jimmy Eason - Baker Hughes

Density Functional Theory with Atom-Probe Tomography for Studying Atomistic-Level Phenomena in Solids

Yaron Amouyal - Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

VASP: Recent advances and new developments

Georg Kresse - University of Vienna

Development in Solids Simulation

Erich Wimmer - Materials Design

Developments in Fluids Simulation

Philippe Ungerer - Materials Design

Developments in Polymer Simulation

David Rigby Clive Freeman - Materials Design

Samuel Sanderson and the American Revolutionary War

Paul Duval - Raytheon & Lexington Minute Men

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