Users Group Meeting 2016

October 4-6, Seattle, WA

The MedeA Users Group Meeting was held in the center of Seattle.

The meeting included a workshop providing hands-on training in the MedeA® simulation environment. The training addressed a broad array of capabilities highlighting the wide application range of the methods that MedeA®provides.


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MedeA® 2016 User Group Meeting Hands-On Training Workshop Materials

Fundamental Insight into Ammoxidation Catalysis Using Modeling & Simulations

Joseph T. Golab - Environmental Standards, Inc.

New Developments of VASP

Martijn Marsman - University of Vienna, Austria

Experiences with MedeA®in Materials Science Courses

Benoît Minisini - ISMANS, Le Mans, France

Designing and Deploying Novel High Performance Alloys using Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Nicholas Hatcher - QuesTek Innovations, LLC, USA

Rejuvenation of Asphalt Binder by Use of Bio-based Additives

Mehdi Zadshir - North Carolina A&T State University

Modeling of alloys employing the full range of MedeA’s capabilities

Walter Wolf - Materials Design

Classical Forcefield Methods in MedeA

Ray Shan - Materials Design,

Properties of Densely Cross-Linked Epoxies from Realistic Structural Models

David Rigby - Materials Design

Structure-Energy-Activity relationships in Heterogeneous Catalysis - A view from theory

Philippe Sautet - University of California, Los Angeles

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