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Superconductivity in Novel GE-Based Skutterudites: {Sr, Ba}Pt₄Ge₁₂


E Bauer, A Grytsiv, Xing-Qiu Chen, N Melnychenko-Koblyuk, G Hilscher, H Kaldarar, H Michor, E Royanian, G Giester, M Rotter, Raimund Podloucky, P Rogl

Physical Review Letters 99, 217001 (2007)

Combining experiments and ab initio models we report on SrPt₄Ge₁₂ and BaPt₄Ge₁₂ as members of a novel class of superconducting skutterudites, where Sr or Ba atoms stabilize a framework entirely formed by Ge atoms. Below Tc=5.35 and 5.10 K forBaPt₄Ge₁₂ and SrPt₄Ge₁₂, respectively, electron-phonon coupled superconductivity emerges, ascribed to intrinsic features of the Pt-Ge framework, where Ge-p states dominate the electronic structure at the Fermi energy.

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