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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

2010 MedeA Users Group Meeting

Where: San Diego, California

When: 27-29 October 2010

Join us this year in San Diego at the Embassy Suites Hotel San Diego Bay for our annual MedeA Users Group Meeting.

We'll kick off with hands-on training all day on Wednesday for any customers who would like to participate, and hold a reception on Wednesday evening. The technical presentations and discussion sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday with a banquet on Thursday evening.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in California in October. Below is an outline of the agenda.

2010 MedeA Users Group Meeting Agenda:

October 27th

• Hands-on training for customers • Reception in the evening for User Group Meeting attendees

October 28th

• Scientific and technical presentations • Banquet in the evening

October 29th

• Scientific and technical presentations

Invited Speakers

  • James J.P. Stewart of Stewart Computational Chemistry and the architect of MOPAC, will focus on "The past, present, and future of semiempirical methods."

  • Martijn Marsmann of University of Vienna will give us his insight into the latest developments of VASP.

  • Philippe Ungerer of the French Petroleum Institute will talk about theory and applications of the Gibbs method in the oil and gas industry.


Stephen Mumby, +1-760-495-4924 x216

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