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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Join us for the 2016 MedeA User's Group Meeting!

We would love to see you in Seattle, Wa for the 2016 MedeA Users' Group Meeting. The meeting provides an excellent opportunity to network with MedeA users and share your work. Further, unparalleled access to our developers and the opportunity to provide direct feedback based on your experiences allows you to influence the future of MedeA. Register Now!

We are pleased to welcome the following speakers to Seattle:

  • Ryoji Asahi, Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, Japan:

  • Title to be announced.

  • Martijn Marsman, University of Vienna, Austria:

  • New developments of VASP

  • Paul Saxe, Materials Design, Inc. USA:

  • MedeA: high-performance, high-throughput, and GPU’s and other accelerators

  • Joseph T. Golab, Environmental Standards, Inc. USA:

  • Fundamental Insight into Ammoxidation Catalysis Using Modeling & Simulations

  • Lindsay Roy, Savannah River National Laboratory, USA:

  • The PreCalc Project: Dynamic Simulation of Plutonium Processing

  • Nicholas Hatcher, QuesTek Innovations, LLC, USA:

  • Designing and Deploying Novel High Performance Alloys using Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

  • Philippe Sautet, CNRS and Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, France and University of California, Los Angeles, USA

  • Structure-Energy-Activity relationships in Heterogeneous Catalysis – A view from theory

  • Ray Shan, Materials Design, Inc., USA:

  • Classical Forcefield Methods in MedeA

  • Dmitri Kilin, North Dakota State University, USA:

  • Dynamics of Electronic Excitations and Photocatalytic Reactions at Interfaces

Attend Hands-on Training

Our hands-on training, offered by the MedeA experts on our support team, provides an excellent learning opportunity for both beginners and experts alike. Carefully curated examples show the wide range of MedeA's functionality, from simple tasks to the high-throughput capabilities that can significantly enhance your productivity.

Present Your Cutting-Edge Work

The heart of the MedeA Users' Group Meeting are the talks presented on a broad range of topics from those eminent in their fields. We are always excited to see how our software users push the boundaries of computational materials science - Trust us, they do!

Network with Peers

Each year the MedeA Users' Group Meeting includes a complimentary cocktail reception and banquet dinner. These events are a great chance to meet up with colleagues, find out what others in your field are working on and enjoy lively and thought-provoking discussions.

General Agenda

04 October: Hands-on MedeA Training & Cocktail Reception 05 October: Scientific Program & Banquet Dinner 06 October: Scientific Program


Crowne Plaza Seattle Downtown 1113 6th Avenue Seattle, Washington 98101 USA


The event is free for registrations before September 9. Register Now!

Negotiated Room Rate

We have secured a negotiated rate of $185/night for attendees.

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