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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

On Demand Webinar: A Conversation with Professor Bruce Eichinger, a Pioneer in Computational Polymer

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Please join University of Washington Professor Bruce Eichinger and Materials Design Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Erich Wimmer for an informal conversation reviewing the development of polymer simulation methodologies.

Professor Bruce Eichinger

Bruce is a pioneer in computational polymer modeling. From a graduate student with Paul Flory, to professorship at the University of Washington, and then leading an industrial consortium, Bruce has been instrumental in improving our understanding of polymeric systems through simulation. His Erdős number is 2.

Dr. Erich Wimmer

Erich Wimmer is co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Materials Design. Erich led the development of a multi-million dollar per annum business in the chemical and pharmaceutical market for Cray Research, Inc. in the Eighties and Nineties, organized industrial consortia, developed the UniChem simulation environment, and now leads a consulting team that creates industrial value for clients using computational materials science and engineering methodologies. In addition to his hands-on practical industrial experience, Dr. Wimmer is author and co-author of over 130 scientific publications and several patents and has given numerous lectures world-wide.



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