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MSI-Eureka rerun
MSI-Eureka rerun

Presented by Dr. Svitlana Iljenko and Dr. René Windiks

December 14th, 15th, 16th

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Efficient progress in materials R&D requires an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of a material, which in turn requires knowledge of the material’s constitution, driving forces, thermodynamics, and (if possible) its kinetics. Materials constitution data provide a basis for innovative research to verify computational simulations and to guide experiments and alloy development. 

Join Dr. Svitlana Iljenko, of MSI – Materials Science International Services in this webinar as she explains the necessity for critical evaluation of the often-conflicting individual constitutional data and presents the data categories of MSI Eureka available in the MedeA Environment.

Key areas covered:

  • Phase equilibria

  • Phase diagrams

  • Thermodynamics

  • Crystal structure

  • Materials properties

  • Morphology

The MSI Eureka database is provided by MSI GmbH (Materials Science International Services GmbH), and is the world’s largest knowledge base on materials constitution for inorganic materials.