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Diffusion and You: Batteries, Catalysis, Alloys, Corrosion, and the Stock Market

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Presented by Dr. Erich Wimmer and Dr. Benoit Minisini

Diffusion processes are ubiquitous in materials science and a daunting array of phenomena affecting all of us. This webinar will show that deep understanding of diffusion mechanisms and quantitative predictions of temperature-dependent diffusion coefficients are now possible at an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy due to the remarkable capabilities of advanced atomistic simulations.

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Illustrative examples will include:

  • diffusion processes in Li-ion batteries

  • diffusion on surfaces

  • diffusion of hydrogen in steel and zirconium alloys

  • diffusion of defects in solids

  • diffusion in organic liquids

  • diffusion in molten metals

  • oxygen diffusion related to corrosion

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