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November 6, 2019

Researchers from the University of Washington, Raytheon, Facebook, and Materials Design have recently described how the combination of experimental and computational methods can provide unique insights into the role of hydrogen in impacting the optical properties of the infrared window material, zinc sulfide. As in many areas of practical materials research, knowledge of the nature of the effect of defects on optical propertie...

November 5, 2019

The Materials Design MedeA® Environment provides the highest quality materials science simulation capabilities available today, based on an innovative architecture, careful software engineering, and thorough validation. MedeA® 3.0 is a substantial new release of the MedeA Environment.

MedeA 3.0 features: 

  • complete user interface (UI) refresh with updated icons, improved user experience with responsive dialogs, an...

October 31, 2019

A recent article by authors from Toyota Research, Materials Design, and MIT in Nature Research, Scientific Reports highlights an innovative technique that allows high-throughput methods to probe diffusion related properties such as the diffusivity of Lithium in Li-ion batteries.

Authors Arthur France-Lanord, Ryoji Asahi, Benoît Leblanc, Joohwi Lee, and Erich Wimmer describe the automated analysis of the corrugation of the poten...

October 10, 2019

Materials Design congratulates John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino, the winners of this year's chemistry Nobel prize - for the development of lithium ion batteries.

The development of lithium ion batteries has had a dramatic effect on society and is based on the farsighted research that Goodenough, Whittingham, and Yoshino have undertaken (and continue to pursue) using many experimental and theoretical...

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