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About Materials Design, Inc.

Materials Design, Inc. is the leading atomistic simulation software and services company for materials. We help customers across many diverse industries design new materials, predict their properties, and generate value through innovation. 

Materials Design, Inc. creates software products and services for chemical, metallurgical, electronic, polymeric, and materials science research applications. The company is dedicated to providing efficient access to the world's leading atomistic and electronic scientific simulation methods.  

The company was founded by leading scientists who combined computational materials science and materials informatics to solve real world engineering problems. By connecting science and engineering, Materials Design, Inc. customers harness the power of computation in both simulation and data handling to improve existing materials, discover new ones, and drive global competitiveness.

Materials Design, Inc. has offices in San Diego and Paris and markets the MedeA software environment for simulation and data handling, contract research and development, training, and consulting services.

Materials Design, Inc. is a private corporation that has grown steadily over the years and works with both academic and industrial partners. From energy and transportation to chemistry and microelectronics, Materials Design, Inc. works with customers from a wide range of industries and academia.

Leading codes available from Materials Design, Inc.:

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