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Erich Wimmer and Bruce Eichinger

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Erich Wimmer shares something that is a little bit different from the typical Materials Design webinars. Towards the end of 2022, Erich had the opportunity to sit down and discuss a variety of topics with his great friend and colleague, Bruce Eichinger. 

Bruce is a pioneer in computational polymer modeling. From a graduate student with Paul Flory, to professorship at the University of Washington, and then leading an industrial consortium, Bruce has been instrumental in improving our understanding of polymeric systems through simulation. His Erdős number is 2.

Bruce is uniquely positioned to assess the development of our field. He knows mathematics, computers, polymers, and academic as well as industrial research. From Yang Mills theory to the polymerization of sulfur to molecular weight distributions, to applied R&D formulation problems, Bruce is an active researcher with many scientific citations and a tremendous force for change. In research, as I can personally testify, if you're interested in a rigorous statistical thermodynamics analysis of your problem, go and consult with Bruce. He will give you a very clear and well thought out answer. 

  • This conversation was recorded in November 2022, and we've inserted an illustration or two along the way.

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