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Harness the Power of LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Code with MedeA

Join us for the live webinars on:

In this free webinar, you will: Learn how to master the MedeA-LAMMPS Flowchart interface and run fast, efficient simulations with the LAMMPS molecular dynamics engine See what’s new in MedeA-LAMMPS in MedeA 2.22 Learn how to simulate a wide range of properties, including diffusivity, viscosity, thermal conductivity, and surface tension.

LAMMPS is the leading classical molecular dynamics code in the world today. Developed at Sandia National Laboratories by Dr. Steve Plimpton, LAMMPS has the widest coverage of forcefields for soft and hard materials, has the most versatile tools for applying constraints and property evaluation, and focuses on the efficient, massively parallel execution of computational tasks. ​ The MedeA-LAMMPS module provides flexible calculation setup and analysis capabilities to unlock the power of LAMMPS. Combined with the Transport Bundle, transport properties including diffusivity, viscosity, and thermal conductivity are at your fingertips.

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