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Join us for the live webinars on:

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Live Q&A

Dr. Jozef Bicerano is an extraordinarily influential researcher. A widely cited Harvard Ph.D., Jozef holds 32 U.S. patents in 10 different patent families assigned to four separate organizations. He is an award winning corporate research scientist, and an expert consultant in polymer manufacturing and engineering. Jozef is well known for his extensively cited and highly regarded book, Prediction of Polymer Properties. The methods therein described are implemented in commercial software products, such as MedeA P3C, providing wide access to comprehensive and accurate predictive properties for polymeric systems.

In this interview, Dr. Bicerano will tell us about his career that produced these accomplishments, his experience in industry, and the growing impact of computer simulations on industrial development. As a leader in computer simulations of materials, Jozef will also discuss recent innovations in his field, especially with respect to machine learning and its impact on materials science, and how polymer research must change to meet critical societal needs.

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