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Exploring Battery Materials: Electrodes, Electrolytes, and Interfaces Thereof

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Presented by Dr. René Windiks

Join presenter, Dr. René Windiks, in our next webinar:

The design of next generation batteries with high performance and long lifetimes require a profound understanding of the constituting materials, essentially to predict their properties and interactions with each other during charging and discharging. This webinar will show how atomic-scale modeling with MedeA is complementary to experimental spectroscopic techniques such as XPS, IR/Raman, NMR, and impedance measurements.


Illustrative case examples will include:

+ High-energy density cathode materials
+ Li Transport in NMC311 cathode material
+ Low-strain cathodes for solid state batteries
+ Interphases between electrodes and electrolytes
+ Electrochemical stability of electrolytes
+ Solid polymer electrolytes

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