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The Color of Materials: Value from Computed Optical Properties

Join us for the live webinars on:
  • Tue, March 12th: 10 am PDT / 11 am MDT / 12 pm CDT /1 pm EDT USA / 6 pm Europe (CET)

  • Wed, March 13th: 7 am PDT / 3 pm Europe (CET)

  • Thu, March 14th: 7 am Europe (CET) / 11:30 am India (IST) / 2 pm China (CST) / 3 pm Japan (JST)

  • Get an overview of accurate calculations of optical properties ranging from the dielectric function, refractive index, absorption, reflectivity, and transmissivity to color.

  • See practical applications to diverse materials including metals, semiconductors, inorganic and organic pigments.

  • Learn to conveniently compute and analyze these properties with MedeA.

This webinar demonstrates the prediction of optical properties of materials including their color with Materials Design's software platform MedeA. Quantitative results and in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanisms are thus readily accessible and enable targeted design and materials optimization. ​​​

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