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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

General Motors Scientist Receives Innovation Awards

A Materials Design, Inc. client and colleague, Dr. Louis G. Hector, Jr. of the General Motors R&D Center, has been honored with two GM R&D Innovation Awards for his research on:

  1. Fundamentals of Interfacial Tribology

  2. Multi-scale Modeling of High-temperature Deformation in Aluminum

"We’re proud to see Dr. Hector honored and recognized by his peers at General Motors," said Erich Wimmer, CEO of Materials Design, Inc.. "He has shown an enormous commitment to bridging the gap between the macroscopic engineering scale and phenomena on the atomic level. His work on interfacial tribology and multi-scale modeling of deformation in aluminum are brilliant examples of his skills."

Dr. Hector has been collaborating with Materials Design, Inc. for nine years. "Not only have I enjoyed working closely with the outstanding scientists of Materials Design, Inc., but it has also been an essential part of this recognition and I share this success with them," said Dr. Hector.

The GM R&D Leadership team selects honorees with the primary criteria focusing on game-changing science and technology.

GM R&D Center

GM R&D was the world’s first automotive research center. It was organized in 1920 by inventor Charles F. Kettering. Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, the GM Research Lab is a network of laboratories, science offices and collaborative relationships in over twelve countries including working relationships with universities, government groups, suppliers and other partners from across the globe.Visit to learn more.

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