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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Materials Design Scientists, Michele Kotiuga and Volker Eyert invited as working-group members of the Psi-k Network


Michele Kotiuga of our support team and Volker Eyert of our contract-research team have been recently invited to participate in two working groups of the Psi-k network. 


Psi-k was founded in 1994 by a group of academic researchers as a European bottom-up network to advance the development and application of first-principles computational materials science. Key activities of the network include the organization of conferences, workshop, tutorials, and training schools to bring together researchers from different parts of Europe and at different stages of their career. These activities are organized in four different themes (A. Physical Formalisms, B. Algorithms, Software and Data, C. Applications to Real Materials and Materials Design, D. Wider Engagement) with in total 22 working groups. Part D has only been recently established with a special emphasis on reaching out beyond the academic world in order to demonstrate career perspectives for young researchers and to establish stronger bonds to society outside academic materials research. 


Michele is a founding member of the group D.2 on “Early Career Researchers”, which includes networking and mentoring, while Volker is a founding member of group D.3. on “Industry Engagement”. Both groups are invited to organize symposia at the 2025 Psi-k conference, which will take place in August 2025 in Lausanne, Switzerland.





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