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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Join us: EuroSIME2010

Where: Bordeaux, France

When: 26-28 April 2010

The president of Materials Design, Inc., Dr. Erich Wimmer will present both a scientific overview and a half-day workshop. During the conference, we will be available for one-on-one discussions, and we are looking forward to talking directly to you, your scientists and engineers.

Half-Day Workshop (Course 6): Mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties from atomistic simulations with a strong ab initio component.

Instructors: Dr. Erich Wimmer, Materials Design, Inc. and Dr. Alexander Mavromaras, Materials Design SARL

Presentation: Computational materials engineering: capabilities of atomic-scale prediction of mechanical, thermal, and electric properties of microelectronic materials.

Corresponding Author: Erich Wimmer, President, Materials Design, Inc.

About the EuroSimE event: EuroSimE 2010 is organized by Université of Bordeaux, IMS Laboratory for Integration from Materials to Systems. The advanced program has 142 contributions including 64 oral presentations, 24 keynotes and 54 posters in 23 sessions. Astefo is a Professional Congress Organizer and Producer who financially produces and logistically organizes EuroSimE under the control of the EuroSimE Steering Committee.

Contact: Alexander Mavromaras, +33-1-7061-5814x307

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