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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Join us for the 2017 MedeA User's Group Meeting in Strasbourg, France!

The 2017 Materials Design , Inc. User Group Meeting will be held in Strasbourg, France, from the 19th to the 21st of September. The meeting will include a hands-on training session for attendees, a technical program dedicated to recent developments in computational materials science, and interactive sessions with MedeA users and Materials Design, Inc. personnel. The six scientific and technical sessions will include the following speakers*:

  • Erich Wimmer – Chief Scientific Officer – Materials Design, Inc. – Roadmap for MedeA

  • Joachim Sauer – Prof. – Humboldt University, Berlin – Computational Catalysis – Rigor and Relevance

  • Georg Kresse – Prof. – University of Vienna – RPA and GW: what's behind it

  • Thomas Schladt – Senior Project Manager – Volkswagen AG - Computational design of advanced materials for automotive engineering

  • Rutger van Santen – Prof. – Technical University of Eindhoven – The Fischer-Tropsch reaction; the computational view

  • Marcus Neumann – Director – Avant-garde Materials Simulation – Organic crystal structure prediction from first principles

  • Jindrich Hasek - Senior Researcher - Institute of Biotechnology, Czech Academy of Sciences - Structure prediction of hydrophilic polymers in biological environment

  • Manfred Martin – Prof. – RWTH Aachen University and Peter Schmidt – Prof. – Technische Universität Darmstadt – Electronic structure and ionic motion in crystalline and amorphous oxides - can we calculate everything?

  • Sandra Hoppe – Hamburg University of Technology

  • Emilie Gaudry – Prof. – Institut Jean Lamour, UMR 7198, Univ. Lorraine CNRS, Nancy, France – Complex intermetallic compounds: from surface structures to chemical reactivity

  • Evgeny Blokhin – Data Scientist - Tilde Materials Informatics and Materials Platform for Data Science, Berlin - Materials Platform for Data Science: on-line interfaces

  • Marianna Yiannourakou – Sr. Scientist – Materials Design, Inc. - New features in MedeA 2.21 and customer feedback

The Materials Design, Inc. User Group Meeting represents a unique opportunity to meet colleagues and developers, present results, learn about developments in MedeA, and see the latest developments in computational material science and engineering. We invite you to join the Materials Design, Inc. User Group Meeting in Strasbourg this September.


General Agenda

Tue 19 September: Hands-on MedeA Training & Cocktail Reception Wed 20 September: Scientific Program & Banquet Dinner at Maison Kammerzell Thur 21 September: Scientific Program

Attend Hands-on Training

Our hands-on training, offered by the MedeA experts on our support team, provides an excellent learning opportunity for both beginners and experts alike. Carefully curated examples show the wide range of MedeA's functionality, from simple tasks to the high-throughput capabilities that can significantly enhance your productivity.

Network with Peers

Each year the MedeA Users' Group Meeting includes a complimentary cocktail reception and banquet dinner. These events are a great chance to meet up with colleagues, find out what others in your field are working on and enjoy lively and thought-provoking discussions.


Present Your Cutting-Edge Work

The heart of the MedeA Users' Group Meeting are the talks presented on a broad range of topics from those eminent in their fields. We are always excited to see how our software users push the boundaries of computational materials science - Trust us, they do!



The 5-star Sofitel Strasbourg Grand Ile hotel is ideally located in the heart of Strasbourg's famous Grande Ile district, a UNESCO world heritage site. The hotel has recently been completely refurbished, and provides a warm, inviting, and professional environment for the meeting.

Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile 4 place Saint Pierre le Jeune 67000 Strasbourg France Tel +33 (0)3 88 15 49 00

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