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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Join us for the Atomic-Scale Modeling With MedeA: A Path To Innovation In Batteries Webinar

Join us for the Atomic-Scale Modeling With MedeA: A Path To Innovation In Batteries Webinar. This will be the next session of our new webinar series.

Atomic-scale modeling empowers researchers and engineers, enabling the efficient computational screening and design of materials, and an understanding of experimental observations at the unprecedented level of detail. In this webinar, you will learn how the integration of atomistic modeling, using the MedeA software environment, in conjunction with experimental work, enables the design of low-strain electrodes. Further discussion showcases applications related to Lithium-metal batteries, in addition to focusing on the phase stability and structural degradation of electrode materials and possible pathways to resolving such issues. Lastly, learn how to computationally screen a vast range of candidate materials.

In addition to learning about battery materials and their simulation from Materials Design expert René Windiks, we encourage you to suggest topics for future webinars, that demonstrate solutions to the real-world problems made possible by our atomic-scale modeling software, MedeA.

This webinar series will run live on three dates, so please choose the most convenient timing when you register.

  • Tue, Nov 29: 10 am Pacific / 11 am Mountain / 12 pm Central /1 pm Eastern US / 7 pm Central Europe

  • Wed, Nov 30: 7 am Pacific / 4 pm Central Europe

  • Thu, Dec 1: 11 pm Pacific minus 1 day / 8 am Central Europe / 12:30 pm India (IST) / 3 pm China (CST) / 4 pm Japan (JST)

If you cannot join – register for any session, and we will send you a replay after the last scheduled session.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. We look forward to having you there! -The Materials Design, Inc. Team

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