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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Materials Design, Inc. is Proud to Sponsor and Attend the EMMC International Workshop

Materials Design, Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of the EMMC International Workshop in Vienna. This is a high-intensity three-day workshop designed to be a platform for stakeholders to network across European and international borders to communicate and explore topics relating to the future of materials modeling.

The European Materials Modeling Council (EMMC) is initiated and funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. Chief Scientific Officer at Materials Design, Inc., Dr. Erich Wimmer, serves as a member of the Operational Managment Board, and he will be attending the 'invitation only' event with Senior Scientist Dr. Volker Eyert on April 5-7. Erich and Volker will co-organize and chair two discussion sessions.

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