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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

MedeA-VASP teaching licenses

Enable the next generation of materials scientists.

Santa Fe, NM, USA and Montrouge, France – January 10, 2012

Materials Design, Inc. is thrilled to announce the availability of teaching licenses for MedeA-VASP, allowing the next generation of materials engineers and scientists access to the world’s most advanced materials simulation software.

VASP is the leading ab initio plane wave program for atomistic simulation, in use by over 1,000 research groups worldwide. The MedeA environment is a powerful productivity tool that allows materials engineers and scientists to rapidly and reliably answer society’s pressing need for increasingly complex and innovative materials. MedeA-VASP is used in industrial, governmental, and academic research facilities worldwide to dramatically lower the cost and lead-time associated with bringing new materials to market.

“I am excited that we are able to provide MedeA-VASP, in partnership with our friends and scientific colleagues at the University of Vienna, at very low cost to educators and students,” said Erich Wimmer, CEO of Materials Design, Inc. “We hope to provide the best and most powerful teaching tools to universities in order to enrich the learning experience of those following our footsteps into careers in materials science.”

Teaching licenses for MedeA-VASP are available exclusively from Materials Design, Inc.

Feel free to contact us ( if you have questions or would like further information.

Learn more about the capabilities of MedeA and vasp here on our website.

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