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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Webinar: Atomistic Simulations as a Driver of Industrial Innovation

Presented by Dr. Volker Eyert and Dr. Walter Wolf

From communication and information processing, to transport and medicine, to energy conversion and storage, materials provide the critical properties that govern applications and efficiency. Hence, the optimization and development of materials opens extraordinary opportunities. Many factors must be optimized: cost, long-term reliability, safety, sustainability and environmental impact. Atomistic simulation is increasingly employed as a component of the systematic development of optimal materials. Atomistic simulation provides the basis for systematic screening and detailed analysis of materials properties. This webinar describes the role of atomistic simulations in an industrial context and gives an insight into recent developments.

Attend this free webinar to: -See how atomistic simulation complements analytical methods -Learn about the added-value of atomistic modeling in an industrial context -Gain insight into the broad capabilities of the MedeA software environment -Work with Materials Design, Inc. in solving industrial problems

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