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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Congratulations to the Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry

Materials Design congratulates John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino, the winners of this year's chemistry Nobel prize - for the development of lithium ion batteries.

The development of lithium ion batteries has had a dramatic effect on society and is based on the farsighted research that Goodenough, Whittingham, and Yoshino have undertaken (and continue to pursue) using many experimental and theoretical techniques.

Whittingham and Goodenough and their coworkers have employed Density Functional Theory (DFT) in the form of VASP to understand the physical interactions that underlie materials properties, see for example:

Congratulations to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino influential leaders and first-class scientists who have facilitated extraordinary improvements in the quality of life for their fellow human beings.

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