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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Upcoming Webinar! Rerun: High Value from High Throughput in the MedeA Environment

We hope for your continued safety and wellness during this time. Since the start of our webinar series, we've received many requests to replay our most popular webinars. So we thought this would be a great time to rerun our most watched sessions. Our next replay webinar is "High Value from High Throughput in the MedeA Environment." We'll replay the recorded webinar and follow with a live Question & Answer session with Dr. Clive Freeman. Atomistic simulations provide materials properties and understanding that accelerate materials design and optimization. High throughput computations open unprecedented opportunities to explore the many dimensions of a design space, well beyond the traditional sequential investigations of one system at a time. This webinar focuses on high value from such high throughput calculations, which are readily performed in the MedeA Environment.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how high throughput calculations in the MedeA Environment can accelerate searches in your design spaces

  • Experience high throughput simulations in the MedeA Environment in real time

  • See how high throughput calculations can save you research time and increase your efficiency by leveraging the comprehensive experimental structural databases and a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art computational methods that are fully integrated in MedeA

Tuesday May 19:
10 am PDT / 11 am MDT / 12 pm CDT / 1 pm EDT USA / 7 pm CET Wednesday May 20: 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT / 4 pm Europe (CET)
Thursday May 21: 8 am Europe (CET) / 11:30 am India (IST) / 2 pm China (CST) / 3 pm Japan (JST)

Dr. Clive Freeman

Clive Freeman, received his PhD from University College London and has worked for a number of years on the industrial application of atomistic simulation techniques.

Dr. Erich Wimmer

Erich Wimmer received his doctoral degree from the Technical University in Vienna, Austria. As a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Professor A. J. Freeman at Northwestern University, Erich was instrumental in the development of the original FLAPW method. Prior to co-founding Materials Design, Erich managed software development and led teams at BIOSYM Technologies, and CRAY Research.

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