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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Upcoming Webinar! Elasticity and Beyond: Predicting Mechanical Properties with MedeA

Join Dr. Ray Shan as he covers:

  • Calculating the elastic properties of materials with MedeA MT and including the effect of temperature by considering thermal expansion

  • Examining the effect of van der Waals functionals and forcefields on the elastic properties of molecular crystals with MedeA VASP

  • Performing high throughput sampling of the elastic properties of polymeric materials with MedeA High-Throughput

And get a first look at the new MedeA Deformation module in the upcoming MedeA 3.1 release on the plastic deformation and fracture of materials!


Tuesday June 2: 10 am PDT / 11 am MDT / 12 pm CDT / 1 pm EDT USA / 7 pm CET

Wednesday June 3: 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT / 4 pm Europe (CET)

Thursday June 4: 8 am Europe (CET) / 11:30 am India (IST) / 2 pm China (CST) / 3 pm Japan (JST)


Dr. Ray Shan

Dr. Ray Shan is the Director of Support at Materials Design and worked alongside the LAMMPS developers Steve Plimpton and Aidan Thompson in developing and maintaining the LAMMPS molecular dynamics code for many years at Sandia National Labs in New Mexico. He is an active contributor to the LAMMPS community. Ray is also an original developer of the highly regarded variable charge reactive forcefield, COMB3, and has co-authored articles on the development of REBO and ReaxFF forcefield parameters. He earned his PhD degree from University of Florida working with Profs. Susan Sinnott and Simon Phillpot.

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