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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Special Offer for MedeA Customers

MSI Eureka - 50% off the cost of licenses to this powerful database

Optimize your R&D using high-quality experimental phase diagrams to complement your modeling work. The MSI Eureka database, available in MedeA, provides phase diagrams, thermodynamic properties, and crystallographic data, critically evaluated and reviewed by experts. This database allows you to:

  • Build modeling strategies on expertly validated thermodynamic data

  • Swiftly access full-text documents and critical evaluation reports

Designed to understand materials, MSI Eureka is an information platform for inorganic materials and

  • Monitors all publications and evaluates published data

  • Integrates data reducing data-flood and confusion

  • Completely covers Materials’ Constitution

Apply MSI Eureka in MedeA for a full year with this special offer. For orders placed before the end of 2022, Materials Design will extend a discount of 50% off the cost of licenses to this powerful database. For further technical details regarding the MSI Eureka in MedeA, visit our website: Download Case Study and MSIT Critical Evaluation Watch the MSI Eureka database webinar Send an email to to receive a quote: Name of your institution Country Number of individuals interested in using the MSI Eureka database in MedeA



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