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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Adding Value to your Business through Materials Modelling

Join our CEO, Erich Wimmer, in London on July 2nd for a workshop on "Adding Value to your Business through Materials Modelling". The workshop will take place in the Wilkins Building at University College London.

This event will provide attendees from industry with the current state of the art in theory and simulation of materials together with opportunities to discuss with experts from the Thomas Young Centre specific ways in which modelling could be used in their organisation to deliver real value. Confirmed speakers include BP, Johnson Matthey, Goldbeck Consulting, Thomas Young Centre, Imperial College London, Materials Design, Inc. & Technology Strategy Board.

Presented in partnership with the Thomas Young Centre & Chemistry Innovation KTN, you can find more information on the workshop's website.

We hope to see you in London - be sure to say hi if you are in attendance!

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