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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

Atomic-Scale Insights Into Materials and Their Properties: Computational Solutions

Materials Design S.A.R.L. and The Interdisciplinary Center For Mathematical And Computational Modeling (ICM) At The University Of Warsaw are delighted to invite you for a joint workshop.

November 5, 2015 - ICM, Warsaw University

Warsaw, Poland

The workshop will let you experience the latest developments in computational materials engineering, including practical examples of how these methods help solve industrial and academic research needs.

The event is aimed at a broad audience with interest in industrial and academic applications, and does not require technical expertise in computational materials methods. The sessions will be of particular interest to technology leaders to explore how this powerful techniques could be integrated in industrial R&D processes, as well as experimentalists who wish to augment and better guide their work.


  • 10:00 Introduction: Application Of Atomic-Scale Methods In Materials ResearchGregor Stipicic, Materials Design S.A.R.L

  • 10:25 Computing Key Properties Of Graphene-Based Structures Dr. Janusz Wozny, Technical University of Lodž

  • 10:50 Polymorphism Of Noble Gas Diflourides Subject To High Pressure Dr. Dominik Kurzydlowski, Warsaw University, Department Of Chemistry

  • 11:15 MedeA: The Leading Solutions For Insights Into Materials Dr. René Windiks, Materials Design S.A.R.L.

  • 12:15 Lunch, Informal Discussion

  • 13:30 Personally Experience MedeA - Hands-On Properties Calculations, Q&A

  • 16:00 Informal discussions, End

The morning session (talks) is in the lecture room 534 wheareas the afternoon session (hands-on training) is in the computer lab (room 201).

  • === Update (Oct 30, 2015): Afternoon session is fully booked! ===


Sign me up! As the seating capacity is restricted, please register early!



Free for registrations until October 29, 2015 -- did expire! For registrations received after that date:

  • PLN 200 for attendees from academia and non-profit institutions

  • PLN 400 for all other attendees

  • Download full agenda to check payment details

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