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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

MedeA Reaches Critical Milestone! What’s next?

When we started Materials Design, Inc. in 1998 our dream and goal was to make MedeA the most comprehensive modeling platform for atomistic simulations. With our latest release, which we have just announced, we have reached that goal.

MedeA now puts leading computational methods at your disposal: VASP, LAMMPS, MOPAC, Gibbs, and with this release, Gaussian. These are the best codes available and cover the complete range of quantum- and forcefield-based methods for both molecular and solid-state materials.

Our second goal for MedeA is to make atomic-scale modeling technology accessible. Whether you work in industry, academia or a research lab, it is no longer possible to be an expert in all applications and tools. MedeA is designed to give you complete control: there is great depth and flexibility for demanding users – and convenience to make rapid progress in the areas with which you are less familiar. So you get the results you need without being an expert in everything.

The third goal for MedeA is to help you solve your materials problems faster. MedeA makes you more productive by putting all the tools in one environment, under one graphical interface. You get a wide range of building tools and comprehensive structural databases so that you can make your models quickly and easily. We have added tools such as flowcharts to further enhance your productivity, and combined these with architecture optimized for high performance computing and high-throughput calculations.

MedeA is unique because of the outstanding team of people who move it forward. Our world-class scientific team is committed to help you get up to speed and pass the critical research crossroads, so you get the results fast.

We are proud of what we have built. But we are not stopping here. We will continue to improve MedeA, developing more tools and streamlining workflows, coming up with better ways to build the complex models that you need. We will keep up with the ever-changing world of HPC, adding support for GPU’s and new architectures, so that you can harness the ever-increasing power of computers.

We are also proud of the community that has developed around MedeA. It includes the best people in the best universities, the best companies, and the best labs. You both challenge us to keep our science and support at the highest levels, and you provide great insights and show us how to make MedeA better.

We look forward to being your partner, to learning from you– and to working with you to reach your goals, faster. Let us know how we can help – and share our news with your colleagues!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Paul Saxe Founder and CEO

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