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  • Katherine Hollingsworth

MedeA in Publication: Naval Nuclear Lab used MedeA to improve understanding of quantum effects

First-principles computations are an increasingly essential, coequal partner with measurement techniques for providing the material property data necessary for advanced #nuclear fuel and reactor designs. Most recently, researchers Jonathan Wormald, Jesse Holmes, Mike Zerkle at the US Naval Nuclear Laboratory (FMP) used MedeA with the MedeA VASP and MedeA Phonon Modules to improve our understanding of subtle but important quantum effects in the inelastic #neutron scattering of certain novel nuclear fuel coating materials.

Influence of Quantum Oscillations in the Thermal Scattering Law of Zirconium Carbide on Neutron Thermalization and Criticality

J. L. Wormald, J. C. Holmes & M. L. Zerkle

Nuclear Science and Engineering – Published 23 January 2023



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